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15. - 16. 04. 2016 · Brno, Czech Republic


International game developERS SUMMIT
30+ great speakers
40+ indie teams at expo
2000 sq. m. of floor space
BRNO Czech Republic

About Game Access

We’d like to invite you to visit the Game Access ’16 International Game Developers Summit!

Organized by experienced professionals and veterans of the game industry, Game Access ’16 will be a great event for both beginning and professional game developers, programmers, graphic artists, designers, composers, managers and producers involved in the game development industry.


  • Speeches by well-known professional game developers
  • Networking areas and business lounge
  • Developers’ exhibition hall
  • Game Access ’16 Awards for selected exhibition participants
  • Amazing parties at Brno’s best locales


During the Summit you will be able to hear speeches by well-known game developers, who will share their experiences and tell you the secrets of how they created their games from start to finish, beginning with the first steps up and going all the way to releasing the games and advertising the final products.

Since joining an independent game studio back in 2003, Miloš has worked his way through the games industry in several games, studios and countries. He has worked in Czech on three 2K Games' projects and in Slovenia on two Zootfly games. Miloš joined Remedy in 2012 and is currently the Production Director on Quantum Break.
Miloš Jeřábek
Production Director
Lukáš Haládik is a Lead designer in Bohemia Interactive Brno. He joined this company’s team as QA Lead and made a great contribution to success of the game Arma 2. The latest known project of Lukáš is Arma 3.
Lukáš Haládik
Lead Designer
Annie Dumitrescu the EU Strategic Partnership Manager for Games within the Amazon Appstore will be sharing insights on to how to successfully launch your game on Amazon leveraging both their own branded Fire Tablets and Fire TVs as well as their Android App called Underground. She'll also explore the non-standard ways developers can monetize with Amazon including the new Merch by Amazon and Underground #ActuallyFree programs.
Annie Dumitrescu
Strategic Partnership Manager
15 years ago Matouš started as pen and paper RPG designer. Later he worked in 2K Czech on Mafia series and in free time experimented with interactive movies. Since 2012 he works in Trickster Arts - czech independent game dev team he founded.
Matouš Ježek
Founder & Designer
Gregory Louden is currently the Senior Narrative Designer at Remedy Entertainment and has just finished work on Quantum Break. Before working in games, Gregory worked in Feature Animation and Visual Effects working on films including Gravity, Prometheus, Happy Feet 2 and World War Z amongst others. At the Game Access Summit Gregory will speak about Narrative Design lessons and goals.
Gregory Louden
Senior Narrative Designer
Jan Zelený considers creating games his passion and life defining hobby for 18 years. He finished his first game on his own engine in 2003. Afterwards for 6 years he worked on Mafia II and Mafia III as a render programmer. Currently Jan Zelený works as a senior programmer in Bohemia Interactive on a brand new in-house engine and develops his own strategy game called Logistics.
Jan Zelený
Senior Programmer
Igor started in game development back in 2003. He was working on a physics engine for a FPS game. Since that he was working with various in-house and proprietary tech including Unreal Engine and Unity. Igor has strong math background and his experience covers the entire game development cycle from prototype to tech support. Now he is an Engineer at Wooga.
Igor Chernakov
Martin started his professional life as game developer taking many roles of indie studio Hammerware. Although having long interest in data mining, he fully focused on the field with the advent of mobile and F2P. Recently, he established data infrastructure and analysis practice in Madfinger Games.
Martin Procházka
Jan Beneš is a senior programmer at Remedy Entertainment who previously worked on different titles at 2K Czech. After finishing a degree in computer graphics at Czech Technical University he's taken a detour to the world of game audio and is currently building and maintaining the sound engine of Remedy's Northlight technology.
Jan Beneš
Senior Programmer
Petr is currently a Project Lead of Arma 3 Apex at Bohemia Interactive after roughly 6 years in the company. He was a technical designer and data manager on Arma 2 DLCs and Arma 3 and he used to be a game journalist before he took Arrowhead into his knee and joined the company.
Petr Kolář
Project Lead
Today Oleg’s mission as a business advisor is to help game development companies to explore business opportunities in Finland. The Finnish gaming industry is the most rapidly growing and developing in the world, with a turnover of 1,8 billion euro in 2014. Oleg started his career as a mobile software developer for Nokia mobile phones, he has extensive project management experience in completed R&D projects and over 3 years as a startup entrepreneur in mobile domain.
Oleg Paliy
Business Advisor
Jaroslav Beck is a Sound Designer/Music Composer who combines futuristic sounds, technology and musical elements to reach his signature sound. His specialization is in Game and Movie Music Composing, Remixing and creating Sound Design for motion trailers. The most well-known of his projects are StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic (Blizzard Entertainment); Star Wars The Force Awakens: official TV spot (Lucasfilm/Disney); Battlefield Hardline: Various Trailers (EA Games); Terminator Genisys: TV Spot (Paramount Pictures).
Jaroslav Beck
Music Composer
Post gaming journalist for various Polish outlets for 2 years, now coordinating PR strategies for Layers of Fear. Always close to the community, reading the comments and taking a closer look how a collaboration between game dev studios and gamers can work together.
Rafał Basaj
PR and Marketing Manager
Marek-Martin is a rookie in Game Development, however he was passionate about gaming ever since he was young. His special focus were competitive online e-sports games. Currently he is employed in Gamajun Games on a position of Monetization designer where he is fully devoted to Free 2 play mechanics.
Marek-Martin Matyska
Monetization Designer
Jan Kavan - graduated JAMU as a composer. He worked (among other titles) on: Dark Fall 2, Barrow Hill, Serena,Carol Reed Series and Midnight Horror. With CBE software he created Ghost in the Sheet, J.U.L.I.A., J.U.L.I.A. Untold, Vampires!, Crazy Vampires and J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars. Apart from his game developer career, Jan works as a system analyst, programmer and accomplished cello player performing worldwide.
Jan Kavan
Owner / Developer
Jay Crowe is a British game dev that spends much of his self-enforced exile from queen and country working on Arma 3 for Bohemia Interactive as Creative Director. With a background in both arts and science, Jay likes to build bridges between creative and technical disciplines (but mostly ends up wondering why the AI can’t navigate across them).
Jay Crowe
Creative Director
Mariusz Szypura is the owner and CEO of a Warsaw-based independent game developing studio called Telehorse. He has worked for advertising agencies as a graphic designer and creative director. Mariusz Szypura has always been a huge fan of indie games. Telehorse, established in 2013, allows him to pull all his skills together and develop video games on his own. He makes games with Unity 3D, he also composes and produces soundtracks. The first game released by Telehorse is called Steampunker and he currently works on his second game called Steamburg.
Mariusz Szypura
Creative Director / CEO
Richard Lapington is the Audio Lead at Remedy Games and has recently completed working on Quantum Break. Before joining Remedy Richard worked as a musician, audio engineer eventually settling on game audio design. During his game career he's worked on multiple projects on multiple platforms from Flash games to Xbox One, but now is firmly entrenched in AAA development.
Richard Lapington
Audio Lead
Born gamer and VG Industry member for over a decade, from Tester to Senior Producer. Played a key role within the EA shaping up how EA Localization works now. Before Madfinger Games, key moments in his career are related to the work done within BioWare (Edmonton HQ and Austin) while working on Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars MMO.
Fausto Ceccarelli
Senior Producer
Michal is the CEO and CTO of Dreadlocks Ltd. Michal is a technology enthusiast who monitors and examines the latest news in graphics and the gaming market and likes to try out all sorts of “experimental” equipment in the field of virtual reality, motion tracking and games in general. In his free time, he enjoys computer animation and experimental projects, and is also a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series by Hideo Kojima.
Michal Červenka
Šimon Šicko is the co-founder and CEO of Pixel Federation, an independent game developer and publisher headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2007, along with three other partners, Šimon co-founded Pixel Federation. The first significant success came in 2010 with the well-known game title TrainStation, played on Facebook by more than 1 million players a month. Pixel Federation focuses on browser, social and mobile games with 3 titles (TrainStation, Diggys Adventure, Emporea) and 4 new games are in production - 2 for steam, 1 for mobile and 1 for VR markets.
Šimon Šicko
Lukáš Medek - graduated FAVU as a multimedia artist. He single handedly provided all the visual assets for games Ghost in the Sheet, J.U.L.I.A., J.U.L.I.A. Untold, Vampires!, Crazy Vampires and J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars. He also contributed to Serena and Tale of a Hero. Outside the game industry Lukas worked on CG for a movie Resident Evil: Damnation, regularly creates videos for multimedia performances and theatre.
Lukáš Medek
Lead Artist
Currently working as Head of Consumer Relations at Madfinger Games. Responsible for customer support, community development and social media. Passionate about social engineering in connection with competitive gaming. Previous roles include a stint at and being a high school teacher.
Daniel Jerman
Head of Consumer Relations
Stefan is creative director and business developer in Dreadlocks Ltd, with over 10 years of professional experience designing games for developers such as Disney Interactive, EA Sports or Bohemia Interactive Studios. Stefan is passionate about gameplay and devotes most of his free time to studying game theory. He won the Disney Inventor Award in 2014 and also is a founder of, the czech-written online library for junior game designers.
Stefan Durmek
Martin Vaňo designed and produced mobile game Mimpi Dreams. He worked as a writer and game designer in, Keen Software House, Geewa, Allodium, Cuketa, Adveri and more on various gaming projects. Martin also teaches game design to art students at University in Plzeň.
Martin Vaňo
Game Designer and Producer
Jana Karlikova is the General Manager of Stugan, a world-class games accelerator in the middle of the Swedish woods. She has been there from the beginning and has helped build this unique project, which brings together talented game developers from all over the world and lets them work on their projects in an isolated place. Jana has previously studied at KTH and Masaryk University and has had a lifelong interest in games.
Jana Karlikova
Project Manager
Marek Rosa is the CEO, CTO and founder of Keen Software House, an indie game dev studio, and GoodAI, a general AI company. KeenSWH is known for best-sellers Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers (2+ million total copies sold). After his success in games, Marek personally invested $10mil in building human-level artificial intelligence. That project, GoodAI, has grown to a team of 30 researchers.
Marek Rosa
CEO and Founder
Martin Pernica is a project leader and a programmer in Grip Digital. He started programming at a very young age and continued with game development as his main focus. He always tries to look under the hood of problems and challenges and then solve and optimize them.
Martin Pernica
Team Leader
"You can't win if you don't play", Miloš fulfills his motto almost ten years in, company which provides PvP games to more then 500.000 players daily. Previously, he spent many years developing financial sites and mobile applications.
Miloš Endrle
Vladimir has started in games localization in 2007 and worked on scores of gaming projects - from tiny indie games to AAA heavyweights. Has an especial affection towards RPGs. Currently he leads the high-end multilingual localization team Riotloc that offers new level of transparency and quality in work with developers. He also organizes the gamedev and localization events, such as LocJAM and Global Game Jam. When he is not localizing fantastic worlds, he can probably be found riding a horse, climbing mountains or listening his favorite Pink Floyd.
Vladimir Konoplitsky
Igor Staněk is a tech enthusiast, gadgetman and a big gamer. Last ten years he works in NVIDIA in various marketing and product is positions and his current job combines technical support across all platforms with EMEAI position as SHIELD Technical Product Manager with responsibility for all products from SHIELD family. This combines HW/SW product development with go-to market strategy and content management.
Igor Staněk
Senior Technical Product Manager EMEAI – SHIELD


20:00 - 24:00
Air Cafe Brno, Zelný trh 295/8, 602 00 Brno

Badge Pick-Up Party is an excellent opportunity to begin a conference on a positive wave and in the friendly atmosphere by getting acquianted with participants and starting informal communication with them. At your disposal there is a cosy café in the historic downtown of Brno. At the café you can get free food and drinks.
* Only for Standard and Business pass holders

The venue will be open from 9:00.

Click on the lecture to see more details.

Red hall Blue hall
09:30 - 10:00 FRUIT BRUNCH
10:00 - 10:50
Narrative Design on Quantum Break
Greg Louden
Senior Narrative Designer, Remedy Entertainment
Gregory Louden, Senior Narrative Designer on Quantum Break from Remedy Entertainment will discuss narrative design, the Remedy narrative organisation structure, narrative techniques used on Quantum Break, lessons and future goals in storytelling. The lecture is for anyone interested in storytelling in interactive entertainment or Quantum Break.
11:00 - 11:50
Single Player Early Access Experience
Rafał Basaj
PR and Marketing Manager, Bloober Team
The lecture covers our experiences on launching a Single Player, story driven game on Steam Early Access and Xbox's Game Preview. Why there are so few Single Player games, and why this hurts the overall idea of such initiatives. What are the main ideas behind creating any game and how we can use our ideas to our advantage.
How to Reach New Players and monetize 100% of them with Amazon
Annie Dumitrescu
Business Development Manager, Amazon
Annie Dumitrescu the EU Strategic Partnership Manager for Games within the Amazon Appstore will be sharing insights on to how to successfully launch your game on Amazon leveraging both their own branded Fire Tablets and Fire TVs as well as their Android App called Underground. She'll also explore the non-standard ways developers can monetize with Amazon including the new Merch by Amazon and Underground #ActuallyFree programs.
12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 13:50
Behind the scenes of consumer relations - who are the people who play our games?
Daniel Jerman
Head of Consumer Relations, Madfinger Games
Happy Customer - Why you should pay attention to details on the support side. The importance of a vibrant and interactive community - How to get your players hooked on your awesome games. Tribes - Is there any chance to tame the haters?
The game industry of Finland, trends and opportunities
Oleg Paliy
Business Advisor, KAATO Gaming
Today there are around 300 game studios, and a huge number of start-ups and young companies. At the end of 2015, the Finnish industry had 2,700 employees with a turnover of 2.4 billion euros. Today Finland is a creative hub for world-class game development studios seeking long-term success due to:
  • Expertise in mobile gaming and mobile user experience – know-how on optimizing game performance
  • Expertize of new technologies for new opportunities and business models
  • Know-how on game marketing, user acquisition and analytics
  • Universities and polytechnics offering gaming educational programs
14:00 - 14:50
So you wanna be a Game Designer?
Lukáš Haládik
Lead Designer, Bohemia Interactive
From the early dreams to the trenches. I will walk you through the path of becoming a game designer with tips and things to do.
23 Game Devs in a Cabin in the Woods - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Jana Karlikova
General Manager, Stugan
Find out the takeaways from having 23 indie game developers working together in an isolated place for 8 weeks. What can be learnt from running this accelerator? Jana will share the knowledge and lessons learnt which the team behind Stugan gained from organising the inaugural year. Stugan is a non-profit organisation, created by seasoned game developers with the intention to build a platform where new talent can bloom. The project was initiated to give back to the grass roots of the industry, and enable more people to focus on the joy of game development.
15:00 - 15:30
Behind AAA Game Trailers
Jaroslav Beck
Music Composer & Founder, Epic Music Productions
There is a reason, why companies spend huge budgets for creating breath taking game trailers. This lecture will be about the background of the gaming cinematic world and how these trailers are made.
Unity Graphics & UI programming
Igor Chernakov
Engineer, Wooga
Igor will be talking about graphical aspects of Unity game development, such as graphics programming and pipeline setup, as well as some useful UI techniques used to improve one's or team productivity. He will cover subjects like using C# generics with Unity UI, using default UI shaders to achieve various effects with stencil and more.
15:30 - 16:00 COFFEE BREAK
16:00 - 16:50
Audio Programming - The Devils and the Details
Jan Beneš
Senior Programmer, Remedy Entertainment
Audio programming is definitely not the most popularized field of game development, but it's been becoming increasingly important with the current generation of AAA games. In the talk I'll examine not only the general role of audio programmers and the challenges of game audio, but we'll spend most of the time looking at some of the interesting examples from (not only) Quantum Break and finish with a few lessons learned.
1 Year in Game Industry as Monetization Designer
Marek-Martin Matyska
Monetization Designer, Gamajun Games
In the first part of the Lecture I’d like to cover my beginning in the industry, while the second part will be about Monetization models in Mobile Free 2 Play games. Last part will be covering my predictions where I expect the mobile games are heading to.
17:00 - 17:30
The Story of Pixel Federation
Šimon Šicko
CEO, Pixel Federation
Let us tell you a story of four people who had an idea, created a company, failed numerous times but consistently kept standing up for what they believed in and wanted to do. Pixel Federation is now a 180 enthusiasts company that brings fun and entertainment to people from all around the world. With passion and joy, from players to players.
NVIDIA Shield Platform and Cloud Gaming Service Now
Igor Staněk
Senior Technical Product Manager EMEAI – SHIELD, NVIDIA
Igor is going to cover SHIELD platform and its various gaming scenarios, including number one cloud gaming service NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Do you believe, you know future of gaming in living room? Igor will show you his vision for next few years.
17:30 - 18:00
Real IndieDev Track #1
Indie Studio Survival Kit
Matouš Ježek
Founder & Designer, Trickster Arts
Starting an indie studio is easy now, but to survive on overcrowded market is getting harder and harder. This talk is about our lessons learned during indie development, so that you don't need to make the same mistakes we made.
18:00 - 18:30
Isometric gameplay in 3D world
Jan Zelený
Senior Programmer, Bohemia Interactive
In this speech, I will summarize benefits of translating gameplay pillars from isometric games into fully 3D world. Where compromises are needed, what disadvantages or advantages it could brings. How it affects gameplay itself and there will be also few tricks how to communicate mechanics to the player.
19:30 - ?
GameDev Area Party
Impact Hub Brno, Cyrilská 7, 602 00 Brno

The first day of the conference will be very busy, full of events, news and a great deal of various information. Take some time out to stop, relax and enjoy with your old favorite games on videogame consoles or on old PC as well as have a talk to soul mates and get some food and drinks.
Also you’ll have the opportunity to watch on the big screen the live gameplay of Dark Train, a game which is made out of common paper. Creators from Paperash will play it and comment every next step and some details related to the process of developing of their project.

* Only for Standard and Business pass holders

The venue will be open from 9:30.

Click on the lecture to see more details.

Red hall Blue hall
09:30 - 10:00 FRUIT BRUNCH
10:00 - 10:50
A Great Disturbance in Development: The Dark Side of Early Access
Jay Crowe
Creative Director, Bohemia Interactive
From indie studios to huge publisher-backed titles, opening up a game to players ahead of its ‘official launch’ can provide tangible development benefits. However, these rewards come at a cost. Using examples from Arma 3’s production, the talk examines the failures and successes of its own strategy, and offers some thoughts on how to escape the dark side of Early Access.
Lessons learned from RENOIR
Martin Pernica
Team Leader, Grip Digital
RENOIR was our first really big game and from the first moment of development we decided to use Unreal Engine 4. We started using UE4 from first version and this decision was little bit risky, because RENOIR had really specific art style with combination of 2D and 3D rendering. We knew this going to be challenge because we had to modify the engine itself to conform our needs. But in many ways we did it and I like to share with your our experience from this "crazy ride". We will look how we created the "recording system", our custom sprites, light rendering and "collision detection" with light and more.
11:00 - 11:50
Quantum Break - The sound for time bending combat
Richard Lapington
Audio Lead, Remedy Entertainment
Quantum Break was a huge audio undertaking. New IP, branching dialogue and live action show made this project quite a monster. For Remedy’s audio department it was the time bending gameplay that really had us scratching our heads. How do you create sound for a game that is constantly shifting in time? During this presentation I’ll walk you through how created the audio for the games combat, the techniques and systems for the time bending sound.
Introduction to Game Analytics
Martin Procházka
Analytics is now an established field of expertise in game development - far beyond its origin in F2P. This talk aims to be an introduction lecture covering elementary metrics of F2P business, useful visualizations, A/B testing practices and tooling. I’m going to uncover anatomy of analytic systems and the process of making insights out of collected data. State of the art services and tools will be presented.
12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 13:50
The Space Engineers Creator Perspective: In-House Game Engines vs Ready-Made
Marek Rosa
CEO and Founder, Keen Software House
This talk is an introduction by Marek Rosa, founder and CEO of Keen Software House and creator of Space Engineers, to the pros and cons of creating and using our in-house VRAGE game engine in the age of ready-made engines.
From zero to developer
Mariusz Szypura
Creative Director / CEO, Telehorse
The presentation outlines the challenges faced by beginner developers wishing to create and release a game on their own. It is based on the award-winning games: Steampunker and Steamburg. Mariusz Szypura has a great track record both in graphic design and music, however with none in the gaming industry. He is proud of his accomplishments, but honest about his shortcomings and mistakes made when developing and releasing the game.
14:00 - 14:50
Living a Dream
Fausto Ceccarelli
Senior Producer, MADFINGER Games
From Gamer to Industry professional managing Creative Development. A life long passion becoming a dream job bringing you deep inside the “belly of the beast”... Game Development.
Mimpi Dreams Again
Martin Vaňo
Designer and Producer, Silicon Jelly
Mimpi Dreams is a mobile puzzle/platformer that has been released this March and was featured by Apple worldwide. I will talk about the design of the game (in comparison with its prequel) and technologies we used during development.
15:00 - 15:30
Continuous Community Management
Petr Kolář
Project Lead, Bohemia Interactive
Huge part of the game success depends on the way developers handle its community. Goal of this speech is to share experience from development of Arma 3 in this field and provide some insight. No previous community management experience is needed to understand the topic.
PvKPI Game (Player vs. KPI)
Miloš Endrle
CEO, Geewa
Do we need better retention or make our game more fun for players? How present data to designers to make game better? Is there some way how marketing, BI and product can works together seamlessly?
15:30 - 16:00 COFFEE BREAK
16:00 - 16:50
Production in game companies
Miloš Jeřábek
Production Director, Remedy Entertainment
This speech will show you my opinion of what it takes to be a producer in a game company. I do not have the silver bullet, I do not know the ultimate way on how to be a good producer, but I will share my experience through the years of development and many shipped projects and explain what it means for me to be good producer.
Throes of art or How to sabotage your own game localization
Vladimir Konoplitsky
Overmind, Riotloc
There are many different ways to make your localization project a hell on Earth. With some care you can prevent the quality translation and even make your game unlocalizable. Want to spend more time, more efforts and more money on localization? Feeling like an evil genius and wishing to make everybody – yourself, translators, and even your gamers – suffer from your localization? Come and learn how to do it like a pro!
17:00 - 17:30
Real IndieDev Track #2
Trials and Perks of a Tiny Indie Team
Jan Kavan & Lukáš Medek
CBE Software
How Unreal is to create games in just two people? CBE software will speak not only about many traps on the way but also about the rewarding feeling of getting their games out there.
17:30 - 18:00
Ghost Theory - Making a bold game as an indie developer
Michal Červenka, Stefan Durmek
This lecture tracks the development of Dreadlocks' brand new game Ghost Theory and its focus on Virtual Reality. Ghost Theory is a first-person adventure horror game, designed to be a serious take on ghost hunting and paranormal research, featuring real-world haunted locations.
18:00 - 18:30
Awards Ceremony
Game Access Awards 2016
19:30 - ?
After Party
Charlie's Square, Římské náměstí, 602 00 Brno

During the conference you will make new friends and maybe find in a crowd old ones. You will be able to have a look at new projects and cheer for the best ones, or maybe your project will compete and win.
Don't miss the opportunity to congratulate winners or to accept congratulations, to get free food and drinks as well as to have a talk to conference participants and exchange their contact details for the further collaboration.

* Only for Standard and Business pass holders

Why attend?

  • Beginners, students and indie developers — Establish useful contacts with national and international colleagues, meet and network with other professional game developers, show your game project in the Indie Game Exhibition, get feedback from experts and even win the awards for your project!
  • Professional developers and experts — Share the latest info, news and secrets about creating and releasing games, and meet and network with potential partners and employees.
  • Publishers and investors — Tell the world about yourself, check out exhibited projects, find a new game to invest in and take advantage of the Business Lounge to set up potential collaborative relationships with conference attendees.
  • Everyone — Enjoy the company of like-minded people who share your interests, do some sightseeing and get some well-deserved R & R in Brno’s medieval Old city.

Who’s attending

Representatives from the following companies have already confirmed their attendance at Game Access ‘16.

And many more...

The venue: Brno

The Game Access ’16 Summit will take place on April 15-16, 2016, in the beautiful, historic Czech town of Brno, known as a dynamic capital of poets and artists. The atmosphere of this anciently town inspires creativity and extraordinary ideas. What’s more, because Brno is the headquarters of a number of leading game developers, including 2K Czech and Madfinger Games, Czech legends and the medieval streets of Czech towns have been incorporated into numerous games. Visitors to Brno can see those real streets and learn about where those legends originated!

For the Game Access ’16 Summit, we have chosen the comfortable Hotel Bobycentrum with its large conference hall and many recreation facilities (bowling, squash, restaurant, café).

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We recommend international travelers fly to Brno. There are nonstop flights into the Brno Airport (BRQ) from London Luton (LTN), London Stansted (STN), Eindhoven (EIN), and Munich (MUC). You can also fly into Prague, Vienna or Bratislava.

For more information about local transportation inside Brno check this site:

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Networking events

at Air Cafe
  • Zelný trh 295/8, Brno
  • 14. APRIL, from 20:00
at Impact Hub Brno
  • Cyrilská 7, Brno
  • 15. APRIL, from 19:30
at Charlie's Square
  • Římské náměstí, Brno
  • 16. APRIL, from 19:30


The Game Access ’16 Summit is actively seeking game developer and IT company sponsors! Event sponsorship is a fabulous opportunity to maximize your company’s exposure to those who count the most in your industry — developers and specialists in different relevant fields from different countries. Being an event sponsor will enhance your reputation, allow you to establish solid business contacts and help you attract new business partners and talented specialists.

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Developers Exhibition & Awards

A limited number of projects will be selected for exhibiting. Projects for any platform (desktop, mobile, or web) are acceptable, but the game should at least have a playable version. One attendee developer per project chosen for the exhibition will receive a free business pass, plus a booth in the exhibition area for presenting the game to conference attendees.

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Planet Nomads
Layers of Fear
Bloober Team SA
Killing Room
Alda Games
FatBot Games
Flick Chess
Sama Sama Studios
Aggressors: Ancient Rome
Kubat Software
EarthDefenceProgram: Wayfarer
Hard to Color
Novus Inceptio
McMagic Productions
Dark Train
Galaxy Admirals
Jetdogs Studios
Among the Heavens
CorePunch Gamestudio
Fly, Glowfly!
Black Snowflake Games
Green Game: TimeSwapper
Heroes of Paragon
Ellipsis - Touch. Explore. Survive.
Salmi Games
Above the clouds
S.C. Creartscape Teh S.R.L.
The Cycle
Marek Budík
The Silent Age
House on Fire
Chameleon Run
Hyperbolic Magnetism
Nitro Heads
Other Inside
Vicious Mime
Escapism Artworks
FiolaSoft Studio
The Great Wobo Escape
gamificc games
Planet Gula
Straitjacket entertainment
True Ending
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Student project FI MUNI
Get Rekt Saga
Student project FI MUNI
Student project FI MUNI
Eurotrip with zombies
Student project FI MUNI
Student project FI MUNI
Break Reality
Time Lapsus
Student project MFF UK
Student project MFF UK
Sheep Protector
Student project FI MUNI
Hotel BobyCentrum
Sportovní 2a
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Press Release

The most important info about Game Access '16 is in our press release. Download it here.



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